What is a Smart Alarm System & Should I Buy One?

What is a Smart Alarm System & Should I Buy One?

Smart alarm systems are changing the way security systems are being installed, but is it the right kind of home security alarm for you? 

In 2015, there were an estimated 10.8 million crimes committed in the United States, of which, nearly a fifth of those crimes were home-related. (According to a study done by the FBI.) With those kinds of statistics, it is no wonder that home security is on the minds of many Americans nationwide.

Meanwhile, technology has advanced at a pace that had not been predicted. And this brings us to the whole point of this article. Technology has allowed home security systems to evolve into smart home security systems.

What is a smart alarm system?

A smart alarm system is like a home security system in that it alerts you and the authorities of a break-in, only that installation of sensors is way, way easier, all thanks to wireless technology, and the alerts go straight to your smartphone.

Are there benefits?

  • Price – Smart alarms are cheaper because you save on installation and monitoring.
  • Control – An alarm company is not necessary, thus, giving you control of the entire thing.
  • DIY – There is a smart alarm system for everyone on nearly any budget. You can pick what security you like and install it yourself.

Any downsides?

  • User-UNfriendliness – Depending on the system you install, the operating system (OS) may not be as user-friendly as others, those that are technologically inept may have a harder time with this system.
  • Device Password – Many people like to create easy passwords to access their phones, computers, and Wi-Fi. (A strategy that is not recommended nor encouraged.) But when it comes to the security of your home, a strong password should keep out any hackers looking to snag your TV.

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