Luxury Homes

Luxury Home Insurance Connecticut

Lamburt Corporation Insurance and John G. Lambros Co., Inc. insure Luxury Homes in Connecticut and New York. We have the insurance solutions available to protect your assets with the right policies and services.

Standard Homeowners Insurance Policies will suffice in protecting many homes, but will typically fall short in providing the owners of luxury homes with the protection they require. Insurance company claims adjustors who routinely see insurance claims on average homes do not have the expertise to properly estimate and settle claims on customized homes of high value. Lamburt Corporation Insurance and John G. Lambros Co., Inc. represent several companies that specialize in insuring elite homes. We understand the importance of appraisals, the right coverage, and claims service when expensive assets are involved.

When you choose to work with an insurance company that specializes in insuring these unique customized homes, you can rest assured that the team is experienced in protecting your custom construction, custom materials, valuable jewelry, collectibles, and unique and valuable items.

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