How to Get Your Fur Coat Ready for Winter

How to Get Your Fur Coat Ready for Winter

Fall is the time to get your fur coat ready for the cooler months.

Fur coats are expensive and should be cared for properly. Like it or not, but winter is quickly approaching. The weather is getting colder, and now is the time to ensure your fur coat is ready to be out and about. Before you start wearing it, here are a few things you should to do to get it ready.

Get it out of storage.
If you put your coat into fur storage for the winter, now is the time to get it out. In many cases, you’ll need to pick it up from the furrier. This is the easiest part of the process.

Check for damage.
Your furrier will check your fur coats over before putting them in storage, and then clean them so your coats are ready to go when you pick them up. However, sometimes an issue is missed. Inspect your coat for damage or decay. If you need to make any repairs, do so with enough time to spare before the winter.

Make room for your coat.
Fur coats require specific storage conditions, even when you keep them at home during the winter months. Make sure you have a soft, padded hanger for your coat so that it doesn’t become damaged or misshapen as it hangs in your closet. It’s also important to make sure your coats have plenty of breathing room, so be sure to leave enough space in the closet.

Remember that fur coats were once a part of a living animal. While decay and damage will occur over time, you can slow down the process.

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