Easy Steps on Winterizing Your Home

Easy Steps on Winterizing Your Home

Winterize your home in several easy steps.

Homeowners, now is the time to winterize your home. It’s always best to put the work in now and save money all winter long so that you can enjoy your festivities and holidays ahead. Even if you live in a mild climate, you’ll still want to get ready for cooler temperatures, longer nights, and wet weather. Before the bitter cold bites, check off some of these essential home maintenance tasks!

Change Furnace Filters

They’re easy enough to forget but important to do. It is essential to change the furnace filter every month during the heating season. Dirty filters restrict airflow and increase energy demand. If your entire furnace is in need of replacement, it will cost a lot more, but replacing an inefficient burner for a modern machine will save you money every month through the winter.

Tune Up Your Heating System

To keep your heating machines running smoothly through the winter, you’ll want to perform a tune up. Keeping your furnace clean, lubricated, and properly adjusted will reduce energy use, saving up to five percent of heating costs. Hire a professional to perform a check to ensure that your system is good to go before you turn it on for those chilly winter mornings.

Caulk and Weatherstrip

Simple leaks can sap home energy efficiency by 5 to 30 percent a year. It pays to seal up gaps with caulking and weatherstripping. Take a close look at places where two different materials meet, such as corners and around chimneys. Caulk windows and doors, and use weatherstripping as needed to hold the home’s heat inside.

Insulate Pipes

If you have exterior pipes, they become vulnerable to the cold weather and low temperatures. Prevent frozen pipes (and burst pipes!) by insulating the exterior pipes. Cut insulation to size and fasten over the pipes with duct tape. Ideally, choose insulation with the highest R-value practical, which is a measure of its heat-blocking power.

Close the Pool

In the cooler months, you more than likely won’t want to take a dip. To prepare your pool for winter, ensure that you clear it from leaves, debris, and dirt, and protect it with a pool cover. Ensure the walkways around the pool are clear from water, which could freeze and be a potential slipping hazard.

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