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  • How You Can Protect Your Insurance From a Natural Disaster

    Your art is valuable and you know it, but Mother Nature does not–nor does she really care.

    Natural disasters are common in many parts of the United States: the coasts suffer.

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    Does Your House Have the Right Deductible?

    Your homeowners insurance should work for you when you need it the most, not be the cause a giant migraine.

    Having the right deductible on your homeowners insurance policy is crucial.

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    Protecting Your Artwork From Sunlight

    Here are some tips on how to protect your artwork from the damaging effects of the sun.

    Direct sunlight can damage and fade artwork. If you’ve ever left laundry out to.

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    How To: Getting Your Grill Ready Barbeque Season

    Before the season and your grill heats up, be sure to give the grill its annual checkup.

    Nothing announces the arrival of summer like firing up that grill and cooking your.

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    Is It Important to Keep Fine Art Appraisals Current?

    Keeping your art appraisals current will only help you should harm befall upon the work.

    The art market can rise and fall quick, which is why a current fine art appraisal.

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  • The Classic Chicken Salad Sandwich

    Vintage chicken salad sandwiches are simple, but they can hit the spot when the mood strikes.

    If you’re in the mood for something classic, without the need for spices or some.

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    Why Do Art Galley Owners Need Art Insurance?

    Art gallery insurance for emergencies in which normal insurance doesn't cover you.

    Chances are your current policy has so many gaps that you are basically only paying your insurance.

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    Homeowners Insurance: How to Insure a Secondary Home

    Know how to properly insure a vacation or secondary home.

    Covering 2 homes under one policy:

    Before making any rash decisions, it’s best to contact your insurance agent. Many.

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    5 Spring Cleaning Tips: Getting It Done Faster

    If you focus on furnishings, appliances, and carpeting, you’ll get your spring cleaning done in no time.

    Spring cleaning is a time to make your home look and feel as.

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    What is HO5 Insurance?

    HO5 Insurance, and what it gives you.

    With most home insurance, you need to prove that your claim happened due to one of the perils listed on your homeowners’.

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  • Getting the Right Coverage for Your Home Business

    Should you have homeowners insurance or business insurance for your home business?

    There’s business insurance which protects businesses, and then there’s home insurance which protects your home. What if your place of.

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    How to Cook a Delicious Chicken Pot Pie

    Cook a chicken pot pie for any occasion.

    Chicken Pot Pie is revered as a cornerstone of American cuisine (and yes, we know it technically didn’t originate in the U.S.). If.

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    Insuring Your Priceless Fine Art Collection

    Insure your art collection in Stratford, Connecticut.

    The demand for fine art is once again on the rise! Those who are purchasing an additional piece for their collection, or buying for.

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    Fun and Creative Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

    Break free from the traditional, boring Valentine's Day dates, and try these instead!

    The idea of one-dozen red roses and chocolate in a heart-shaped box is so cliché and corny, you.

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    4 Tools All Vehicle Owners Should Have

    Adding these tools to your garage can help keep your car running.

    When you take your car into an auto body shop, chances are the walls are lined with all kinds.

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  • Do You Really Need Life Insurance if Your Kids Have Moved Out?

    Life insurance can still provide many benefits for empty nesters.

    Watching all of your children move out of your house and into their own homes can be a very exciting, yet.

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    You Will Love This Delicious Healthy Recipe!

    This chicken and asparagus crepe recipe is easy and healthy!

    As the first month of 2016 comes to an end, you want to be feeling good about your resolution to eat healthier..

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    Cyber Liability 101

    A cyber liability insurance policy can provide coverage for many incidents and costs.

    Cyber liability insurance has become much more popular, and necessary, in the past couple of years. With the.

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    Recipe: Peppermint Bark

    You will love this sweet recipe!

    Are you still dreaming of all the delicious holiday treats? Well, then you are in luck! This delicious and easy holiday-themed dessert is sure to.

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    Safe Driving Tips For Snow Covered Roads

    Safely enjoy the beauty of winter roads with these tips.

    Snow covered roads can be a beautiful sight. They can also lead to seriously dangerous situations if you don’t know how.

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  • Hosting An Event? Make Sure It Is Protected!

    Event liability insurance can help you fully enjoy your next party!

    If you are planning a New Year’ eve party, chances are you are most of your focus is being spent.

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    Inexpensive Stocking Stuffers Your Friends And Family Will Love!

    These last minute stocking stuffers won't break the bank!

    With only a couple more days until the holidays are here, you may be scrambling to find the perfect items to fill.

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    Get In the Holiday Spirit with This Cornbread Stuffing Recipe!

    This cornbread stuffing recipe is the perfect way to kick off the holidays!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also one of the most delicious! The holiday season.

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    Odd Insurance Policies That Will Definitely Surprise You!

    Here are a few of the most out-of-the-ordinary, odd insurance policies that have ever been sold!

    Over the years, insurance providers have worked to make it possible for you to protect.

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    Be Ready for Roadside Emergencies with the Right Auto Insurance & Car Kit

    Use this checklist to make sure your car has the emergency kit and auto insurance it needs!

    While it’s never your ideal scenario to get stranded on the side of the.

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