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Choice.  Flexibility.  Economy.  Superior Protection.  For your car, home, and business.  Lamburt Corporation Insurance has it all for you in one place – from our office right here in Stratford, Connecticut we serve the insurance needs of individuals, families, and businesses all over Connecticut.  As an independent insurance agent, we represent many top rated insurance companies.  We’re here for you locally and 24/7 via our website.  Getting the right insurance protection, superior claim service when you need it, ultimate convenience, and the right price can seem like a tall order.  But Lamburt Corporation Insurance makes it seem easy.

Recent blog posts

  • Is Your Coverage Covering You?

    Discerning If Your Auto Insurance Policy Has What You Need With the plethora of bills you need to pay each month, you are always on the lookout for ways to save..

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    How to Travel on a Budget

    Just because you are living on a budget does not mean you cannot enjoy a leisurely travel. All of your hard work deserves to be paid off in a vacation!.

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    Tips for Being Comfortable During a Winter Storm Power Outage

    With the stormy season upon us, a winter storm power outage is almost inevitable. Therefore, it is important that we conduct some basic preparation to ensure that we are ready.

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    Apps to Eliminate Texting and Driving

    Text messaging has provided individuals, families, and businesses with a new, more efficient way to communicate; however, texting has also proved to bring new dangers to the world. Since nearly.

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    Winterizing Your Home

    Harsh Connecticut winters emphasize the importance of preparing the home for the winter season ahead. We want you to spend your winter surrounded by family, not worrying about house problems.

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  • Welcome to Our New Website & Blog!

    Lamburt Corporation would like to extend a warm welcome to our new website and blog! Through our newly revamped website and blog, our team will update you on the latest news.

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    We’re Going Social!

    On top of releasing our new innovative website, we have also updated all of our social media pages including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. You can now communicate with us.

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    Take Control of Your Auto Insurance Premium

    Despite popular belief, you can take control of how much you pay for auto insurance. There are a variety of aspects affecting the price you pay each month, many of.

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    The Advantages of an Independent Insurance Agency

    There are multiple options when it comes to buying insurance, and with all the different choices it may get a bit confusing.  However, when you use an independent insurance agency.

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