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  • Halloween Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

    Halloween is a great holiday where our children go door-to-door collecting as much chocolate and candy as they can. 

    October 31st is Halloween, and many of our children have been planning all.

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    Why Cheap Auto Insurance Is Not Always Best

    Buying cheap insurance may save you money in the short-term, but it may leave you short-handed in the long-run.

    The saying "you get what you pay for" rings true for most aspects.

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    Prepare to Store Your Boat for Winter

    Storing your boat for the winter is something you have to do to keep your boat in tip-top shape. 

    There's a saying out there that goes "the day you buy your.

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    Tips for Protecting Your Fine Art

    With the economy continuing to grow for another consecutive year, the demand for fine art rises. But how do you protect your luxurious items?

    Insurance for your fine art and antique.

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    How to Properly Light Every Room in Your House

    Lighting a room in your house may not be as easy as turning on the lights, there are certain nuances which can make or break a room.

    A home needs to.

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  • Insuring Your Art Collection the Proper Way

    Art shows the creative spirit of humanity and it must be protected! Art insurance offers this protection to your art.

    Art insurance is your defense against the unexpected. Much like home.

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    Why Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

    You may think your wedding day will be the perfect day, but unforeseen disasters could ruin everything–including your deposit.

    You may not want to even think about negative or disastrous circumstances.

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    Will Homeowners Insurance Help With Yard Damages?

    If your yard gets damaged, there's no need to panic. Especially when you have a quality homeowners insurance policy.

    As a homeowner, you've likely spent a lot of time, effort, and.

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    Difference Between Car Insurance & Car Warranty

    If you believe car insurance and car warranties are the same thing, you're not alone and knowing the difference could save you hundreds of dollars.

    Car insurance and car warranty are.

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    Trampolines & Tree Houses: Does Home Insurance Cover Them?

    Trampolines and tree houses are what every American backyard seems to need, but are they covered under your insurance?

    Trampolines and tree houses are fun. What child doesn't like to bounce.

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  • Determining if Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

    Cyber attacks may put your business at risk from losing valuable information, do you know if your business needs cyber security?

    The internet connects the entire world under one.

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    Insuring Your Special Events

    From weddings to birthday parties, if you are using a venue to host your special event, it’s important that you insure it against unforeseen dangers.

    Throughout human history, we’ve shown that.

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    Insuring Your Fine Art

    Insuring art doesn’t have to feel like traversing a maze, especially when you take these hints into consideration. Art is a rather pricey commodity, and with the economic downturn of.

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    Delicious Red Summer Sangria Recipe

    Nothing quite beats relaxing outside with a delicious and cool sangria in your hand, and in your belly.

    A chilling and sweet sangria is all one needs on a hot summer’s.

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    America’s Best Towns for the Fourth of July

    The Fourth of July, a day in which Americans celebrate our independence, is not a holiday that some towns take lightly.

    Ever wondered what is the best American town in which.

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  • The Boat Insurance Q&A Guide

    If you’ve ever wondered why you need boat insurance, this guide should answer your pending questions.

    There’s not much on this planet that is as exhilarating as boating: wind in your.

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    Do I Need International Travel Medical Insurance?

    If traveling is something you’ll be doing soon, then international travel medical insurance is something you need to consider.

    Traveling abroad can be an exciting experience. It opens your mind and.

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    3 Great Outdoor Date Ideas

    When you and your significant other want to spend more time outdoors but aren’t sure what to do, take these outdoor date ideas into consideration.

    Perhaps you and your S.O. want.

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    Father’s Day Gift Ideas

    Consider these Father’s Day gift ideas to let your father know you enjoy his dad-jokes every once in while.

    Coming up with gift ideas can be quite stressful, especially because when.

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    3 Things to Do to Prep Your Grill for Summer

    Summers are the perfect time for grilling. In fact, you can’t think of summer without picturing an image of your dad on the grill, cooking the perfect steaks and crispy.

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  • Delicious Recipe: BBQ Chicken Salad

    Barbecue sauce always brings a bit of tang to everything that it’s added to, and a chicken salad is no exception.

    Chicken salad is a delicious meal that does not require.

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    How You Can Protect Your Insurance From a Natural Disaster

    Your art is valuable and you know it, but Mother Nature does not–nor does she really care.

    Natural disasters are common in many parts of the United States: the coasts suffer.

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    Does Your House Have the Right Deductible?

    Your homeowners insurance should work for you when you need it the most, not be the cause a giant migraine.

    Having the right deductible on your homeowners insurance policy is crucial.

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    Protecting Your Artwork From Sunlight

    Here are some tips on how to protect your artwork from the damaging effects of the sun.

    Direct sunlight can damage and fade artwork. If you’ve ever left laundry out to.

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    How To: Getting Your Grill Ready Barbeque Season

    Before the season and your grill heats up, be sure to give the grill its annual checkup.

    Nothing announces the arrival of summer like firing up that grill and cooking your.

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